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Agricultural Pesticides

These pesticides are completely biodegradable and can provide the crops with high fertility factors. These help in killing the harmful bacterias and pests and do not cause any harm to harmless insects. Being completely non-toxic, it can be easily used by farmers without causing any interruptions. These pesticides are available in a wide range such as Acetamiprid 20 % SP, Cartap Hydrochloride 50 SP, etc.
Providing complete safety to the crop these pesticides are sprayed, it keeps out every attacking bacterias. In addition to it, these have a powdered form due to which they can easily dissolve in water.

Added features
  • These pesticides are packed in sealed packets to avoid any type of quality degradation.
  • Various types of bacterias, fungi, lures and repellents are used to make these pesticides.
  • It prevents every type of harm a crop can incur and helps in proper crop cultivation.
  • Having nutritious content, it also keeps the plants and seeds away from many diseases.