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Agricultural Insecticides

These insecticides are formulated to kill or repel those insects that cause harm to crops, houses or other areas. When they are applied or sprayed over a area, they work for a long time and avoids every type of insects from entering the particular area. These are completely non-toxic to create a working environment even when they are used. These are available in powder form and are completely water soluble. Our Insecticides can also be used for offices, factories, big industries, etc for safety from insects. Furthermore, with having made of natural contents, it keeps away every the crop from any type of damage.

Added features
  • Our pesticides do not cause any harm to those insects that are useful for the crops.
  • The complete range of pesticides is available as per the suitable need of the customers.
  • These are packed with great precision so that they do not suffer from quality degradation.
  • When preserved under adequate conditions, they can be used further for a very long time.