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Agricultural Herbicides

These Herbicides are used to kill or avoid the growth of weeds or harmful plants. They are formulated from reactive chemicals and can provide effective protection of plants. These can also keep away insects and other bacterias that spoil the crops. Being completely free of toxicity, these can be sprayed and applied as required without worrying about health problems. Herbicides can provide a rapid increase in the yielding of crops. For a wide range of plantations, we have a huge range of pesticides for every type of crop. No harm is caused to the crop in the form of side effects or damaged quality.

Added features
  • They are packed in tight boxes for maintaining their quality factor.
  • Once sprayed, our herbicides provide a long lasting repelling effects.
  • The chemicals used in them as raw material are of fine quality.
  • With high nourishing values, it helps in increasing the fertilization of crops.