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Agricultural Fungicide

The complete range of our Fungicides are made from chemicals that can completely remove fungi from crops. These occupy the outer surface of the plants and prevents every type of outer and inner damage or infections that can be caused. They provide safety to the plant tissues for their proper growth. The duration of plant protection of these fungicides is very long and can safeguard the plants from every type of damage. Even under heavy irrigation and bright sunlight, these do not get washed away from the body of plants. These are available in both powder and liquid form. Also, these are available in different categories for different types of cultivations.

Extra features
  • These are provided an efficient and proper packaging for quality assurance.
  • They keep away a large number of diseases from plants and seeds.
  • If a plant is suffering from any disease, these can completely eradicate it in a very short time.
  • These fungicides do not deteriorate the quality of soil or manure provided to the plants.