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Increase crop production and prevent crop from of dangerous insects and pests, by using our hygienically prepared Agricultural Chemicals.

About Us

Agro Chemicals, as the very name suggest are chemicals that are employed in crop field to improve the fertility of soil as well as the conditions of crop. These chemicals include Insecticide, Pesticide, along with a host of various others. In the present day, there is a growing need for agricultural chemicals in every state, region and country, due to growing population. For those who must be pondering about the relation between the growing population and its affect on the demand of these chemicals. The reason is the increase in food consumption and demand. As the demand for food increases, the more will be the demand for agro chemicals for productive yield. By using agro chemicals, farmers can assure increase in crop productivity as well as production of quality output. Also, using soil additive fertilizers and insecticides, like the ones we Rishabh Biotech Pvt. Ltd., offer are more economical than appointing manual labor because they assist cultivators to produce higher output in a given time period.